Wedding Rings

We have a selection of wedding bands in stock available to purchase or try on but most wedding bands have to be custom ordered to the customer's requirements. This usually takes 2-4 weeks.

When choosing a wedding band our customers should consider the following:

Width: 2mm to 4mm is fashionable for a lady's wedding band and 4mm to 8mm for a man's.

Ring finger size.

Metal: We can supply yellow gold and white gold in 9ct, 14ct and 18ct and also Palladium and Platinum. These metals are available in a polished or matt finish.

Cross-section shape/depth: The chart below shows the shapes available. The AN and CCN patterns are firm favourites with our staff and customers.


At the time of writing (February 2021) a 2.5mm 9ct yellow gold "AN" style ring in a lady's size costs £235.00.

and a 5mm 9ct yellow gold AN style ring in a men's size costs £490.00.

We can also arrange engraving on the inside of the shank from £36.00 per ring.